Dear Patients and Visitors: We want to welcome you to Grandmed Hospital website. You can trust us with your care. We always strive to make your hospital experiences as positive as possible. Grand Med was founded and fully funded by Jiguur Grand Group to deliver high quality health care service to Mongolian citizens in safe and risk free environment. Grand Med Hospital aspires to operate by utilizing modern medical findings in conjunction with scientific research and to serve as a leading model spine and arthroplasty and arthroscopic joint surgery hospital among medical institutions in the country.

 Our hospital strives to decrease international medical tourism monetary outflow, to present an opportunity to provide health care service to foreign citizens, to take management methods to new levels, to foster management leadership, to reform the current health care culture and practices and to provide comprehensive health care culture and practices and to provide comprehensive health care service including diagnosis, nursing, treatment, consulting and rehabilitation.

 We are performing a comprehensive complex service system to welcome, advice, diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and provide nursing care. Grand Med Hospital employs only the leading doctors and medical professionals and is equipped with state-of-the art modern diagnostic equipment. Grand Med Hospital aspires to become a world accredited hospital and to make Mongolia a medical tourism destination with the help of our exceptional team of medical experts and quality health service. Our hospital doors are always open to you and we will work with the aim of improving your health and well-being. On the behalf of Grand Med hospital staff, I wish you prosperity, good health, and all the best.

Gansukh Nyamdorj, M.D., Ph.D Hospital Director


 Grandmed Hospital obtained its license on March 16th, 2009 and got approval to practice medical services in internal medicine, neurology, dermatology, allergology, gynecology divisions and rehabilitation. We opened our doors with 32 doctors and nurses, 25 hospital beds, and a state of the art clinical laboratory. Since then, we have committed to provide free medical and diagnostic services to senior citizens, pregnant women, and to people with disabilities. We have implemented numerous health programs to serve and reach all social classes.

 With a full support from Jiguur Grand Group, Grand Med Hospital celebrates a new milestone and is now specialized in minimally invasive microscopic spinal surgery, arthroscopic surgery, arthroplasty and arthroscopic diagnosis. The hospital has 100 hospital beds, over 200 medical professionals and an expert team of surgeons, including distinguished doctors and surgeons from Republic of Korea. We focus on educating and improving our national professionals to meet international standards of practice as we bring the hospital to higher platforms.


 Grand Med Hospital is committed to offering comprehensive, prompt and high quality care in spine and joint surgery diagnosis and treatment of diseases through advanced technology and team of skilled medical professionals to ensure patient satisfaction and to improve well-being and quality of life for its patients.