Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Grandmed Hospital provides covered medical care to under an agreement with the General Department of Health Insurance Mongolia. As an insured person, you will receive a health insurance discount in the following cases. These include:

1.Inpatients will receive a health insurance benefits depending on the diagnostic group if they receive all types of general surgery and internal medicine care.

2. Inpatient care, outpatient examinations, and diagnoses are paid for by the health insurance fund if the residents of the Khan-Uul District receive emergency abdominal surgery.

3. Under the 'Whole Liver-Mongolia' program approved by the Government of Mongolia in 2017, 100% of the hepatitis B and C virus load test will be covered by the health insurance fund. The insured must be registered for a hepatitis B and C virus test at the soumdistrict general hospital.

4. Insured Depending on the age group / 18-34, 35-45, 46-64, over 65 /, women's cervical PAP test and men's prostate ultrasound can be covered by the health insurance at a 100% discount.

If you have personal insurance, you must notify your insurance company in advance and confirm it by e-mail before you are admitted to the hospital. As of the first half of 2020, Grandmed Hospital is cooperating with domestic companies, Mandal insurance and Bodi insurance.

All you have to do is inform your insurance doctor about your registration number. You have to be hospitalized for more than 4 days.

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