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In recent years, our country has experienced with increasing prevalence of diabetes among the population. Therefore, a diabetes center was established in order to provide immediate services to diabetic patients. The center has provided the doctor's examination and screening tests on the outpatient and inpatient basis and give advices for the patients and their family. 

Diabetes Center provides doctor’s examination and diabetes education about following conditions, such as,

  • Type  1 diabetes
  • Type  2 diabetes 
  • Symptomatic diabetes 
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Other endocrine diseases

Diabetes Center offers diagnosis, assessment, education, management, and multidisciplinary care, include:

  • Drug and non-drug treatments
  • Diabetes specialized team service
  • Monitoring, training and advice
  • Baatarvan resort complex

Diabetes Center's staff of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and educators have a great deal of information about diabetes and nutrition, diabetes and physical activity, how to treat a low blood glucosecare for your diabetes when you are ill, how to avoid the complications of diabetes and numerous other topics about how you can better care for and manage your diabetes. 

If you are gaining weightsuffer from obesity and don’t know right method of losing weight, our highly skilled team, in which include specialized doctors and dentist, cardiologists, nutritionist and psychotherapists are ready to serve you to solve your problems with endocrine disorders, kidneys, eyes and teeth. 

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