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Department of ICU

The intensive care unit is fully equipped with advanced technic and equipment used in intensive care practice, and provides high quality intensive care, treatment and care to patients with severe condition. The emergency department provides emergency and scheduled surgery services to the people of Khan-Uul district 24 hours a day with health insurance.

The Anesthesia Intensive Care Unit is staffed by a team of specialized anesthesiologists (Consultant Physician, BC Leading and Senior Physician, BC Specialist Nurse, Assistant Nurse).

Our hospital uses the following modern tech and equipment to provide quality, reliable and accessible medical care.

These include: Respiratory and Circulatory Monitoring and Central Control Systems (GE, B650, Edwards Lifesciences EV1000, Mindray IMEC12, Vismo PYM-2703, Hearton Defibrillator,)

Artificial respiration and anesthesia devices with reliable control and regulation of artificial respiration (Drager Savina 300, 

GE Carestation 620, Roytech 5, Roal 77S, Ventilator 760), for blood products, vascular and gastrointestinal nutrition, vasoconstrictor drugs Automatic drip and liquid pumps (Drop Heater / Auto PC /, Pump DS3000 Grain Medifusion, Pump DI2000 Drip Medifusion), Suitable for patient movement, reliable fall protection, intensive care bed, prevention of deep vein thrombosis, patient warming device (DVT-2600, 3M Bair Hugger) and so on.

Activities of anesthesia intensive care unit:

  • Anesthesia and intensive care during surgery
  • Intensive care, follow-up and nursing care for patients after surgery
  • 24-hour emergency care for emergency surgery and anesthesia
  • Awakening room care and monitoring after anesthesia
  • Outpatient and endoscopic, computer and diagnostic services provide anesthesia and intensive care in cooperation with other departments.

Common diseases treated in the intensive care unit:

  • Multiple organ failure
  • Stroke
  • Coma
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Heart shock
  • Respiratory distress syndrome with various respiratory causes
  • Shock conditions of various causes, acute bleeding
  • Postoperative monitoring and treatment of joint replacement
  • Postoperative follow-up treatment
  • Severe postoperative rheumatism and vertebral shock

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