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Pain management

Our department is dedicated to reduce your pain and can help you with a variety of strategies to manage your pain.

  • The spine neck and shoulders, arm and leg pain
  • Muscle and tendon pain
  • Myopathy pain 
  • Postoperative pain
  • Cancer Pain
  • Scar pain
  • Phantom pain
  • Bone, muscle and joint pain / rheumatic pain /
  • Post-traumatic pain
  • Work-related pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Headaches from neck 
  • Post herpetic Neuralgia /shingles /
  • Diabetes Pain
  • Post-stroke pain

The goal of treatment

There are a variety of reasons. The goal of treatment is to relief tumor and non-tumor pain, acute and chronic pain and help people with chronic pain return to a normal life in a society and improve their quality of life. 

Advantages of treatment

We offer complex service of pain management, which is internationally proven, evidence-based safe and effective method of treatment and provide comprehensive support services for our patient.

Steps of pain management treatment

At first, we focus on the diagnosis and causes of pain and screening tests are required to diagnose of illnesses. 

If it is necessary, additional tests should be done and with other doctors of different specialties as well as with non-physician providers. The diagnosis would be determined after all doctors discussed. These providers may include pain management physician, physical therapists, radiologist and psychologists.

Treatment plan will be developed and consultation is given based on the patient's condition and progress of the disease. Then required treatment would be done. 

After the treatment, necessary measures have to be taken in order to ensure the efficacy of treatment and prevention of chronic pain, and advices are given about necessary exercise to prevent recurrence exacerbation and regime to follow and treatment should be continued under the supervision of pain management doctor. 

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