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Advice on misconceptions about back pain


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Caesarean surgery or commonly called abstract surgery, women who gave birth by this method usually talk about back pain? Do a person who has underwent this surgery have back pain?

Post birth back stiffness occurs due to a joint in the back part of the spine. The joint is called a facet joint. Post birth back pain occurs due to 2 reasons. 1st  is the increase of body weight, 2nd is due to hormone changes causing pressure on the joints. If your back hurts for a period of 3 months an MRI could be necessary to see if it’s pain caused by a joint.

People who have stiff back muscles say that their back pain can be cured by using muscle relaxant drugs, muscle relaxant needles or a chiropractic?

Tightening of the muscles means that a person's defensive mechanism is taking place. It is necessary to diagnose why it is tightening. It usually tightens in 2 ways. One is pathological and the other is physiological. Physiologically stiffening is a way of protecting the back from increased load, just like the pain in the legs from walking for a long time. A disease is a condition in which a person's body tenses up to prevent movement because there is some pathological movement in the spine or because some part of the spine is about to be damaged in order to perform a movement. The difference between the two is that pathological hoarseness is periodic hoarseness. Physiological tightening does not last long. If you have frequent back pain, you should see a specialist.

People say that they want to straighten their spine and pelvis and ask on how to fix it?

Just as everyone's face and appearance are different, the same person's spine can have different angles within 10 degrees. This is normal. If it is more than 10 degrees, it is considered a disorder. But just because the back is crooked is not the cause of pain. As you know, a person with a natural curvature of the spine does not experience any pain. There is no concept of pain due to curvature or pelvic distortion.

Some people say that because my leg length is different and my left leg is short, my right side hurts more because of the load on the right side?

As mentioned earlier, not all people are the same, people's legs can be long or short. It is a misconception that this causes back pain.

Glucosamine chondrate sulfate, calcium, and network drugs are said to improve and regenerate the human disc?

There is a perception that imported products are good for drinking. After the age of 8, the human disc becomes avascular and does not regenerate after taking any medicine. That's why you should pay more attention to keeping your back in it’s condition rather than keeping it regenerative. Therefore, exercise should be done better.

The doctor told me that the sciatic nerve was pressed because I work in a sitting position. I was diagnosed with radiculitis. There is a perception that it could be treated.

There is no diagnosis of radiculitis. In the old days, pain caused from the root would be called a radiculitis. To explain the term, it means inflammation of the esophagus. There is no inflammation by the base itself. It means that the nerves are getting shocked somehow. You need to find out why your leg hurts. In some cases, pain in the leg is not caused by nerves alone. Pain in the leg due to changes in the SI joint or changes in the facet joints. Therefore, it is necessary to see a specialist for differential diagnosis.


People say that a person who is not getting better after having an injection in their back gets a gold needle, and after physical therapy, the pain that was not relieved by the injection is fine?


Spinal discs wear out with age. It's the same as wrinkles on human skin. In the process of this wear and tear, a person may experience irritation or tingling, and occasional pain in the back. Because the human body has the ability to heal itself after a certain period of time, 90% of people with back pain are treated non-surgically. In some cases, it is fine after receiving an injection, it is fine after 3 years of treatment, and it is fine after taking such a medicine. If we explain it from a scientific point of view, the human body heals itself after a certain period of time. Other than that, there is no problem that the medicine makes it okay. Each of these should be distinguished.

Does back pain get better after going to a chiropractic, Does going to a chiropractic every year treat the back pain?

Your back is not getting better due to going to the chiropractic, but the human body is healing itself. Acupuncture, conventional therapy, and physical therapy are temporarly relieving the pain but not healing the disc. In order to keep your disc healthy, regardless of the treatment you receive, you need to exercise regularly at an appropriate level.

Can you do back pain exercises by yourself watching Youtube?

Exercising when you have a neural shock can cause a even more pain in the nerve. No exercise at this time. Back exercises vary depending on what is causing your back pain. It is better to consult a professional doctor. What someone does to get better doesn't mean it is beneficial to you. Everyone's reason for back pain is different, it is better to ask your doctor about the right exercise for you.

What kind of people with back pain get better after taking medication, injections and going to physical therapy, and others after surgery?

There are only two indications for surgery. One is to perform surgery if the nerve is pinched or there are signs of nerve damage due to the pinched nerve. If the nerve is damaged, it does not regenerate, so surgery is performed to prevent the nerve from being damaged. The second indication is that a person's spine becomes unstable. The spinal support organ, or the organ responsible for keeping a person upright, becomes unstable. In this case, it stabilizes. Stabilization surgery is called stabilization. Other cases - 90% of cases with pain alone, no evidence of nerve damage, and stable cases - are treated non-operatively.

Recently, many types of belts have been released. How effective is this region in back pain?

There are many types of belts, such as inflatable belts, heated belts, solid belts, magnetic belts, stone belts, magic belts, etc. A back belt has only one purpose. It is designed to limit the movement of the spine and reduce the load on the disc. That's why the back belt should be tight in all directions. All bending, twisting, and turning movements should be restricted. If it's restricted behind the belt and soft in the front, it won't help. The same goes for inflatable belts. There is no such thing as a magical belt. The main thing is restricting the movement. For example: When I put my arm in a cast for a long time the muscles in my arm become thin. If you wear the same belt for more than 1 month, the back muscles will atrophy. Therefore, do not wear a belt for more than 1 month.

Some people cannot distinguish whether they have back pain? or Kidney pain? or if it's the ovary? How do you know that?

There are several ways to differentiate pain. Since the spine is a moving organ, back pain is always related to movement. For example: It hurts when you sit, it hurts when you lie down, it hurts when you bend over, it's stiff when you get up in the morning, it hurts when you turn, all of these are back pain. Gynecological pain and kidney pain are mainly inflammatory in origin, so they hurt in all positions, whether lying down or standing up. Back pains arise from time to time. There is no one who wakes up 1-2 times a week, 1-2 times a month and has long-term pain, but has suffered from nephritis for 10 years. The human body's immune system suppresses inflammation, so there is no such thing as inflammation for 10 years.

Back and neck pain is reported among people whose work is required to sit for long periods of time or drive. Any advice for these people?

I advise people who work in the office or whose traveling far away to rest their backs every 20-30 minutes. The most stressful position for the back is sitting. Therefore, it is better for people who are traveling far to stop and rest on the way. The same goes for office workers. Recently, there are chairs and seats meant for people who have sitting jobs, there is no objection in using them.

Thank you for providing valuable information that will contribute to the health education of the readers.

Thank you. Keep on caring for your back.



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